Uncategorized January 28, 2018

Sequim Elk Herd


The Sequim elk herd is always around – somewhere – they do live in Sequim!  But most of the time they cannot be found. They are huge animals – cows weigh between 700 and 800 pounds and mature bull elk can weigh up to 1,000 pounds.  Often you see posts on Facebook where people are asking if anyone knows where they are.  When tourists come to town, this is one of the “must sees” on their list.  They are not always a guaranteed sighting.


Yesterday traveling down West Sequim Bay Road around 8:00 a.m. – I glanced off to my right and THERE THEY WERE!  Turned the car around and drove back to where they were.  Often they are across a field or across a busy road – here they were right next to a residential road close to a neighborhood. 


Some of their favorite spots are Happy Valley, West Sequim Bay Road (this is where I found them), Palo Alto Road, Port Williams Road, etc.


The elk travel where they want and when they want.  Sometimes they cross over Highway 101. This is when you don’t want to see them – half the herd on one side of the road and the other half on the other side.  This can be a little dangerous.  A few months ago I hit a deer head on and it caused several thousand dollars damage to my SUV.  I can’t imagine what would happen if someone ran into an elk.  I don’t think anyone would win in that situation. 

Some of the elk have been fitted with a collar that emits a signal when the elk come within about a quarter mile of U. S. 101 on the east end of town. This signal sets off flashing warning lights on roadside signs with pictures of elk and the words: ELK X-ING.


They are majestic animals.  Beautiful to watch.  They seem to look back and watch us too.  Stood there for quite awhile just checking them out.  In the herd there were a couple of bull elk “fighting” – you could hear their antlers clang against each other.    If possible, they are a MUST SEE!

Sequim Elk Herd